Welcome aboard!

The Mahlknecht firm was born in 1964, thanks to the initiative of Josef Mahlknecht, who with 2 small coach establish a person transport service, along the old road that connected Cardano and Collepietra; an innovation for that time, where the people in order to reach Bolzano must walk for a long time. In few years, thanks to the new road between Collepietra and Bolzano, was born the new line service still today working. This new line service reach all the single hamlet and the chief town Bolzano. During the next year the firm grow with new services paying attention to the needs of the costumers.

Since 2004 the son Johannes and his family manage the firm adding these services::
- Daily and seasonal line services, ski busses.
- Tourist Coaches, with a lot of experience in pilgrimages.
- Taxi service with the possibility to transport also bicycles.