Our History

The history of the company Mahlknecht has its roots in 1964, when Josef Mahlknecht with two buses set up a transport service to people along the old road that connected Cardano and then Collepietra: a real luxury for those times when the most people a trip to Bolzano still meant a long march on foot. Four years later, in 1968, was finally opened to traffic on the new road between Bolzano and Collepietra, resulting in considerable benefits for the line traffic. It became possible to transport of students with the big busses of company. Only a year after the bus circulated daily between Collepietra and Bolzano. The company was continually expanded gradually enriched by new services, until in 1972 it became necessary to build a new home complete with garage. In the years following Josef Mahlknecht managed increase the company's offers to the continued growth of residents and tourists. In 1989, his son Johannes take the control of the company with maximum effort trying to satisfy all the demands of its customers. In 2004, he assume the total responsibility of the company, which is converted into a limited company with sole shareholder.

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